• “Comfortable and Enjoyable Journey”

    - Vikas Sharma, Doctor

  • "Your Home Our Passion"

    - Puneet Singh, Engineer

  • "Extended Care Professional"

    - Sarita Joshi, Architect

  • Tours & Travel

    Comfortable and Enjoyable Journey

    Company is involved in domestic international air tickets, visa assistance, tour packages throughout the world and also plying cabs for different MNC’s.

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  • Mining Contracts

    Willingness to take on challenges

    The quality and trust are the benchmarks of a good working philosophy and a good working culture.

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  • Security and House Keeping

    Extended Care Professional

    Company provides armed unarmed security guards to multiple institutions in Delhi NCR

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Welcome To Shailja Consultants & Services Pvt. Ltd.

With the bricks of inveterate faith in us was laid the foundation of Shailja Consultants and Services Private Ltd. amidst the state of Delhi, the capital of several empires and witness of many historical events, right from the Mahabharata war to the war of independence against the British. The company has always a mission to create superior values in all their endeavors. The success story of the Company has evolved from a difficult ordeal, the company realized its vision to emerge as one of the country’s reputed consultants in recruitment services, security services, real estate, tours & travels, etc. Willingness to take on challenges and see them through is our hallmark because we know that challenges are the steps of the ladder that takes us higher and higher. The quality and trust are the benchmarks of a good working philosophy and a good working culture.

Our whole-hearted commitment to serve our clients and investors is the booster fuel that propels us forward. We're driven by innovation and we live by it. In our organization, quality and excellence are not just corporate slogans to garner business and profits; they are a quintessential part of our very being because without high standards, we don't measure up to our own ideals.

Our long-term goal is of building a global, multi-product, multi-brand consultants, contractors, and exporters and brings prosperity to our investors, security to our employees and productivity excellence to our customers and business associates and we plan to follow in this direction for a long period coming ahead.

We recruit across various industries, be it national or multinational and we are recruitment partners of our clients and reputed consultants for professionals both in India and abroad.

Success begins with fellows will, its all in the state of mind. Life’s battle do not always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. Our company wishes to innovate, explore opportunities and offer best services to our clients and investors and also wish to be distinguished by its high quality and the creation of highly desirable living and working environment.